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Halveon produces quality, reliable and user-friendly data loggers to measure and record temperature during the transport and storage of goods and products.

Our history

We set up our company based around an idea of the founding partners’ experience of operating for several years in Switzerland as emergee sagl, a company active in the analysis and quality control for third parties and in the cold chain in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food sectors.

Over time, we realised that the quality of products we analysed could potentially be compromised by unsuitable transport or inadequate control. We therefore decided to cater to this gap in the market by providing a portable device to measure and control the temperature and which could be included with the delivery.
Alberto Destri, Sales Director

Controlling transport conditions and cold chain

Transporting goods under the best conditions is an activity that both producers and end customers take to heart. Today, producers and logistics must guarantee customers not only the consistency between the ordered product and the product received, but also demonstrate that the product has been stored and transported as agreed between producer and customer. In other words, it is no longer enough to guarantee the identity of the product, the method of transport is becoming increasingly important.

All it takes is just a technical problem (lorry breakdown, longer than expected wait at customs, a spell of bad weather or a heatwave) for a product to deteriorate and become unsellable. The transport conditions are defined by very stringent supply specifications in the case of products which are costly or which deteriorate at high or low temperatures. Unfortunately, an agreement is not always enough to be sure of having the necessary quality; it is also necessary to be able to measure and control it (in case of producers and distributors) or guarantee it (in case of carriers). This leads to the need to track the temperature of the product during its entire route and for as long as is necessary from the producer’s warehouse to that of the customer.

What we offer

Our data loggers are CE, NIST and RoHS certified and come with a six-point validation certificate. In addition to the quality of the measured data, we wanted to make available to our customers devices that are:

  • small,

  • handy,

  • portable,

  • ergonomic,

  • intuitive to operate,

  • guaranteed to record data up to 180 days (this data can vary according to the model).

Our design has led to user-friendly data loggers, also in the presence of linguistic barriers or use by unqualified personnel.

Each T·Stream™ data logger produced by halveon is equipped with an identification barcode to read the serial number of the device to integrate it easily into the most advanced management systems. The presence of the identification barcode of the data logger on a double adhesive label makes it even easier and immediate to unambiguously identify the device with the delivery.


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