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Cold logistics

Temperature-controlled transport will play an increasingly important role within logistics due to the rise in the volumes of goods that can deteriorate (pharmaceuticals and medical products, fresh and frozen food products, flowers and plants) and the greater distances between production sites and places of consumption. The complexity of the system (use of dedicated and insulated transport, need to handle diverse temperatures within the same delivery), the burden of the increasingly stringent laws, which involve transported goods, and the need to guarantee the customer’s requests for quality, are also growing in tandem.

To guarantee the delivery conditions it is necessary to be able to measure the temperature precisely, including inside the single pallet and/or pack to assess the consistency between the transport conditions and what is established by the storage specifications and by the applicable rules in all phases of transport, including any sudden changes in temperature in the unloading phases. The Innolog™ and Innocheck™ products produced by Kelvin Solutions are designed to support the needs of cold logistics that is increasingly sophisticated and must guarantee the temperature conditions of the product and its packaging.


The T-Stream™ data loggers produced by Kelvin Solutions are easy and immediate to use, designed to overcome the linguistic or I.T. barriers of users and of the departure and arrival facilities.

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