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The majority of food products, above all fresh and frozen food products, are formed by products that deteriorate easily due to temperatures that are too high or low and humidity. In addition, the distance between the production and the selling sites is often considerable and requires a lengthy journey. This is why the foods are transported under controlled temperature conditions in which the cold chain assures retention of the organoleptic and nutritional quality and safety for consumer health.

For fresh food products, refrigeration limits or blocks the growth of bacteria that not only alter the organoleptic and nutritional properties, but can also lead to the spread of ailments and diseases among consumers.

For frozen food products, it is essential that the temperatures are kept below zero continuously to avoid thawing, formation of macrocrystals of water with any new freezing and the start of degradation processes also connected with bacterial proliferation.

The T-Stream products produced by Halveon are essential tools for monitoring  the temperature of food products during the cold chain.

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