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The majority of cut flowers sold in Europe come from Kenya and Colombia passing through the Dutch flower market. Flowers are delicate products where storage temperature and transport time have an important role to play in the quality of the final product. As soon as the cut flowers are picked, they are stored at low temperatures to keep them in a “dormant” state and delay their blooming, which must occur in all its beauty in homes and customer’s premises.

The quality of the flower is maintained by transport that is as rapid as possible and at a constant and controlled temperature: sudden changes in temperature, excess heat and cold can damage the flowers. Respect of the cold chain during transport is the solution in 90% of quality-related issues that can arise with cut flowers: a lower quality can reduce the selling price by 5%-10%.

The T-Stream™ products produced by Halveon are essential tools for monitoring the constancy of the temperature during the transport and storage of cut flowers.

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